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Searching for a new years project for the home? New dining furniture from benches, tables, and chairs are all available for you to purchase here at Consumers Furniture in Santa Clarita.

Our brand new furniture can be a perfect fit for any household looking for an upgrade from their old worn out tables and dining room seating.

We know all households may differ in size, that is why here at Consumers Furniture carry multiple sizes for our tables and different shapes as well. For example our round shaped tables at Consumers Furniture carry sizes from 42”, 54”, 58”, 60”, and 66”; and our traditional shaped tables range from smaller to larger sizes as well.

Allowing you more options in sizes will give you more creativity and freedom to layout the dining room the way you want it and give it that personalized touch. Those with smaller households may not need a table with as much surface space as those households with more than 4 members. Here at Consumers Furniture we have the dining room furniture for all room and household requirements.

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Our seating also comes customizable with our many different choices in styles such as: traditional all wood barstools, Parson style chairs, and even wood chairs with cushioned seats. After you’re thinking of which tables and chairs you might want, we also have many different styles in wood finishes. Our colors range from clean white, traditional brown veneers, and darker greys and blacks. All these custom sizes and options in wood veneer finishes will be what you need to totally transform the dining room into your new year project.

At Consumers Furniture we welcome all from Santa Clarita and else where to visit our furniture warehouse for any furniture related needs. Whether it’s the dining room, living room, or bedroom we have got you covered with our stock and showroom filled with diverse pieces of furniture.

Visit us this year and see the many ways you can transform your household and customize the rooms in need of an upgrade both in quality and style.

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