Creating A Family Room From A Living Room

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Santa Clarita living rooms are the center of our households. Our living rooms help us relax after a long day of work, they are where we connect with our family members through conversation or by a favorite TV show, and where we invite our guests to share in our loving homes.

Living rooms are the community centers of our homes. That’s why it is so important to have a living room that creates a feeling of community and openness.

To do this, you need a space that is tidy, open to conversation, and that helps your guests focus on you. Here are our tips for creating this space.

Use Color

Use color theory — the theory that color emits emotion — to influence the people in your living room to feel a certain way! Starting off with a neutral color such as white or beige is a great start, but they won’t do much to influence the conversation. Try to add splashes of color along the walls as well.

In order to help your guests feel energized and enthusiastic, add warmer colors to the room. Oranges and yellows emit happiness and energy and can help liven up the room enough for guests to feel engaged in conversation.

To create a calm, relaxing environment, use the power of cool colors. Blues and greens are the colors you find in nature. These will help you feel relaxed, optimistic, and safe. Cool colors can help your living room feel like a safe space and will allow your guests and family to escape from their problems for a while.

Beware of using too much color, however. Color is great in moderation, but too much can become overwhelming.


Furniture can affect the way people feel in your living room. The general rule for creating a nice environment in your living room is to keep it feeling open. This means that the room feels easy to walk through and that you can see and talk to everyone in there.

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The best way to make your living room feel open is to fit your furniture to your room, not the other way around. Measure your space, then head to a local furniture store like Consumers Furniture. There, furniture experts can help you design a room that allows everyone to feel included in the conversation.

Next, it’s important that you use as little space as possible. You want this room to feel as though it were made for conversation. Having multiple pieces in the middle of the room creates distractions and won’t help the conversation. If you can, place furniture against walls and point them towards the middle of the room. If you can’t, create a box like shape with your furniture

and have it all facing towards the middle. Facing furniture towards each other like this is important for conversation. It allows you and your guests to face each other and focus on each other, allowing the conversations to flow.


Our last tip for creating openness and community in your living room is to accessorize. Add pictures of your family, paintings, exotic souvenirs from past vacations. Add anything that will start a conversation.

Not only do accessories help with creating conversations, they will help you feel more comfortable in your space. Adding family portraits, souvenirs, and other personal items will help your living room glow with positive energy. You will be reminded of love and happiness and will be more likely to feel that way while you are there. Accessories can help you and your guests to feel happy!

For more help with creating a happy and comforting living room, visit Consumers Furniture in Santa Clarita. The furniture experts there would be thrilled to help you develop every aspect of a living room that creates such an engaging environment. They can help you find the perfect color pattern, the best furniture that will fit, and amazing accessories you will love!

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