Deck Out The Kids Rooms For The Summer

Family Living Room - Consumers Furniture

Located in Santa Clarita, Consumer Furniture Gallery is ready and eager to assist you with all design and furnishing needs.

With a beautiful showroom stocked full of pieces ready to find a place in your home, sure to fit your family’s exact needs, Consumer Furniture Gallery is the ideal spot to find the furnishings that will turn your house into a comfy, beautiful, and functional home.

“Throughout the years we have expanded to meet the needs of our customers. With our store, customers have a huge selection of furniture, accessories, and an amazing design team to meet all your interior design needs. We pride ourselves with personal service that is unmatched anywhere else,” states their website.

As your kids grow up in age and in height, you might find yourself shopping for their big-kid furniture sets or perhaps looking for a new desk or bed to better suit their needs. In order to avoid the semi-inevitable design arguments, consult with the associates at Consumer Furniture Gallery who can help you find pieces that fit everyone’s tastes and needs.

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Residing on Golden Triangle Rd, Consumer Furniture Gallery prides themselves on their expansive selection, popular designs that will remain sturdy and classic for years to come, and their eager and experienced staff who display fantastic customer service.

The needs of every child are different, but Consumer Furniture Gallery understands that though we love them dearly, kids tend to leave a wake of destruction behind them, leading Consumer Furniture Gallery to choose only the most sturdy and durable of pieces for their youth bedroom sets, sure to withstand the many bumps and wobbles and spills that might occur over the years.

“Whether your children share a room and need a bunk bed, or your child needs a singular bed, we have all kinds of options for you to choose from. We have youth bedrooms set up in our showroom that can give you and your child an idea of what having our furniture will look like in your house,” states a recent blog post on their website.

Serving the Santa Clarita community since 1978, Consumer Furniture Gallery has proven to be creative, dependable, and beyond helpful, becoming a staple in the design and decorating process in Santa Clarita.

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