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Creating a new, cozy, and elegant environment is something furniture can do to a room , but only the furniture from Consumers Furniture can do it right.

Bringing rooms together and creating comfortable spaces is just what you need for upcoming eventful milestones at home such as the super bowl and many other future sporting broadcasts.

Whether it’s figuring out how to create the perfect man cave, a home theater room, or perhaps just give the living room the coziest vibe for family sports time we at Consumers Furniture can aid you in choosing the perfect sectional couches, recliner seating, and much more!

With super bowl Sunday coming up and the whole day for some being spent in the living room, wouldn’t the best quality and stylish choice be getting rid of older worn out furniture? Try advancing the sports game experience by selecting the fine and top of the line pieces of furniture from our catalogues and showroom!

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Having issues finding a comfortable position on your current piece of furniture in the sports watching room? Our line of couches come equipped with the amazing recliner seats that will have you too comfortable to jump up and cheer for the touchdown, homerun, or slam dunks.

Our line of seating comes in various styles, material, and size to fit any room that might need the remodel of a lifetime. Try viewing our leather recliners and couches, available in different colors and shades. Or try viewing the Consumers Furniture sectional couches that come with the perfect and much needed legroom or lying position.

Our showroom is not just available in person but online as well! From the comfort of your home or office you can always search and browse our virtual showroom.

Always feel free to drop by Consumers Furniture at :21048 W Golden Triangle Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91350

Or even call our store to ask questions of our current available inventory at : (661) 259-9609

Make sure your next sport game whether its NBA, MLB, or the NFL is viewed with maximized comfort and style!

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