How To Use Youth Furniture And Color To Improve Your Child’s Mood

Consumers Furniture - Kids Bedroom

The way you organize your living spaces can drastically affect your mood and your youth’s mood. Consumers Furniture Interior Designers in Santa Clarita and all over the world put thought into the spaces they design to create a sense of comfort and nurture.

When designing your children’s rooms, be they young children or teens, putting that same thought into their rooms and the youth furniture that is in there can dramatically enhance their everyday mood.

When designing a new space for your youth, furniture layout is the first thing you should be considering. Depending on the size of the room you are creating, your furniture should fit comfortably. Having well fitted furniture can help to create an open space which causes an inviting and more focused feeling. Basically, you are creating a space that your children will want to live in and study in.

On the other hand, having furniture that does not fit properly to your living space can create negative feelings in your youth’s living spaces. Furniture that is too small causes the room to feel too big and creates a feeling of isolation. Over-sized youth furniture makes their rooms feel tight, cluttered, and claustrophobic. The size of your youth’s furniture is key to creating a positive feeling in order to boost your children’s moods.

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Creating open spaces is often difficult when you have more belongings than you know what to do with. With more belongings, comes more storage furniture which can take up more space than you have. How do you solve this problem? Buy furniture that doubles as storage! At Consumers Furniture, you can find many different kinds of youth furniture sets like this.

Lofted beds with study spaces or play spaces underneath can open up a room by having a single area of floor space dedicated to sleep and study. Beds with shelves on the headrest and drawers underneath help remove clutter by placing clothes and books in the same area that you sleep, helping to leave more floor space for other activities. By removing the need for wardrobes, drawers, or other storage furniture, you can help your youth have a more open space.

Once you have the layout of your children’s room, it’s time to think about the color they will be surrounded by for hours at a time. Using a proven method called color theory, interior designers for mega-million dollar companies such as google and amazon create work campuses that use the color of their walls to create a more productive environment.

This is how you can use color theory to promote happiness, calmness, productivity, or serenity in your youth’s room. To promote happiness, energy, and productivity, you want to use warmer, brighter colors such as yellow and orange. To promote calmness and serenity, you want to use cooler colors such as blue, green, and purple. While these colors can promote good feelings, using too much of that color can also be a bad thing. So when picking out your youth furniture and color schemes, remember to incorporate these colors, not make it the only color that they see, so that you don’t overwhelm your child.

The way you organize your child’s room can have a tremendous effect on their mood. Organizing the layout of the youth furniture and the color scheme can promote positivity, productivity, and peace in their lives. To have an expert help you build your child’s perfect room, you can visit Santa Clarita’s own Consumers Furniture where you can walk through their diverse showroom and get the help you need.

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