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The new school semester has begun and we at Consumers Furniture in Santa Clarita offer the necessities in home furniture that you may be overlooking.

When coming to your son or daughter’s study space, you often settle for what you have at home both in actual furniture and the common area that may have a sturdy table, but becomes a horrible and distracting work environment.

Continuing school work in classrooms and study halls outside of the home have become a rarity to almost all students and as your children part ways from those once effective workspaces, Consumers Furniture is here for all families and students who are in need of that desk, table, and seating to go with it.

The kitchen and dining room table may be a go to when you want a sturdy table but this can become a distracting work space. When all members of the family are at home too, there are many distractions of house members like a parent cooking, a sibling watching tv, and another sibling also using the space. These can only discomfort your child when trying to read an assignment or finish a paper but there may be another surface in the home for them to work on.

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A student works best when the environment they work in and on is best. That is why we at Consumers Furniture want to share with you the abundance of styles and sizes of small tables and desks for all rooms and corners of the home.

Your hard working teen or adolescent will appreciate the space you provide for them to dedicate all their assigned readings and school work and we have to face that a bed in the bedroom is not the same as working on a desk.

The seating does not have to mimic the hard discomforting chairs at the dinner table either. We carry amazing chairs with cushioning, swivel casters, and that are always height adjustable and have lower back lumbar support.

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