Upgrade Your Dining Room As Holidays Are Around The Corner

Consumers Furniture - Dining Room

Does your current dining room layout seem outdated and perhaps worn and torn? Consumers Furniture here in Santa Clarita has the dining and seating to make your at home Thanksgiving dinner one to remember.

So many of us who have the experience of sit down dinners know that it is a staple of family gathering and a way to strengthen the bonds in the household. With Thanksgiving coming around the corner, what better time to start looking into dining table furniture to allow the family to start creating loving and thankful moments around the table.

Over at Consumers Furniture we carry so many different and tasteful styles to cater to your needs and home layouts. Let us show you the lovely leather or traditional seating that comes with the beautiful hardwood tables in our stock.

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Our tables and chairs come in styles and colors that’ll bring the room and family together all at once. Along with tables and chairs, we carry dining table benches perfect for scooting in and out of the table with ease. These comfortable and cushioned benches also come in a number of styles and finishes such as a mango, espresso, or oak veneer.

Thanksgiving should be a day where your table is big enough to have seconds and thirds for your plate with serving trays being a family member’s reach away . We have the perfect sizes that upgrade from your current dining table if it is on the smaller side. With multiple members of the family and multiple plates, trays, and pans all on the table during Thanksgiving dinners, a 66’ rounded table with a modern grey finish would fit and serve perfectly.

Along with our stock of 60’ to 66’ range of rounded dining tables we also carry traditional rectangular shapes that range to the larger and longer sizes, all available in our array of colored wood finishes as well as crisp glass options.

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