Why Should You Replace Your Mattresses?

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Everyone in Santa Clarita has heard the claim that you should replace your mattress every eight years, but not many people know why. With something as important as sleep, it’s important to know the reasons behind this claim.

If you are able to sleep for the recommended 8 hours every night, you will spend a third of your day and a third of your life lying in bed. That’s a very long time.

So it’s important to make sure that your mattress is working to help you sleep, not keeping you from it. As time goes by and you enjoy the comfort of your bed more and more, it will start to wear down. Over time, your mattress loses its shape and starts to sag or clump together, making it more difficult to maintain quality sleep. This loss of sleep has been linked to health problems such as heart and kidney disease.

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So how do you know if it’s time to replace your mattress? Follow the signs of sleep loss. If you notice a loss in the quality of your sleep, your mattress may be the cause of it. You should check your mattress for signs of wear and tear such as sagging, lumping, and springs that feel like they’re poking you.

You should also search for other signs such as noisy springs that were once silent, muscle stiffness that never used to occur, worsening of allergies or asthma from the collection of dust mites, or if you are now woken up by your partner’s movements when you were not bothered by it before. Any of these signs could mean the deterioration of your mattress and that it’s time to buy a new one.

Having to replace your mattress causes another problem, however. It requires you to do the scary task of researching as many mattresses as you can and figuring out which will work for you and which won’t. Unless, of course, you visit Consumer’s Furniture, a family owned furniture store in Santa Clarita that has been operating for more than 40 years.

By visiting Consumer’s Furniture, all of the hard work will be done by mattress experts who know exactly how to match you with the perfect mattress for a low price.

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